Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Resilient Kids

Resilient Kids is a program integrated within the school day that promotes mindfulness and helps build self confidence. This program is offered to children in grades K-12.
Resilient Kids mission:
To foster the social, emotional and academic growth of children and young people through mindfulness curricula seamlessly integrated into the school culture.

Our professionally-trained, dedicated instructors work in partnership with school administrators and classroom teachers to reduce stress and behaviors that interfere with learning, to accelerate positive student outcomes.
Our vision is one of resilience:
We work in partnership to create a self-sustaining culture of fortitude for school, career, and life. We envision a community where all people live lives of strength, purpose, and compassion.
We inspire success one moment at a time
I think that this program is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn social and emotional skills they may not learn anywhere else. Often times teachers tend to focus just on the academic part of learning and forget that these children may be struggling in other areas.This program really helps these children learn how to be present with what is happening at the moment and constructs the path of a successful adult life.

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