Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The authors of your life...

As I read from Nakkula and Toshalis' first chapter titled The Construction of Adolescence (Nakkula and Toshalis Chapter 1), I noticed some vocabulary that I have seen before in other readings and classes, but also some that I have not. They weren’t too hard to figure out, however, because I was able to understand the meaning by the rest of the sentence/context.

Here are some of the vocabulary from the reading. Some have the word “essential” next to them because I feel as though these words and their meanings are crucial in ones development.
1. Cognitive Development (essential)
2. Theoretical Thinking (essential)
3. Lackluster
4. Elicits
5. Self-construction (essential)
6. Individual endeavors
7. Near-constant support (essential)
8. Scaffolding
9. Reciprocal transformation
10. Zone of proximal development (essential)

Reading this article gave me a new thought process of life. Everyone has a story and has someone, or people who have helped coauthor it. I learned that it’s your reactions to your experiences that add creativity and truly make your story unique!

I found this assignment challenging. Not because of the content, but how it made me think and reflect on my own life. As I sit here think about those who have come into my life and made an impact, good and bad, I then realize how much I have gone through. I see progress and growth in some areas and I see other areas where I still need some work. I have realized how much I’ve grown with each encounter. Without these experiences I wouldn’t have progressed and learned. Not only have I grown as a person, but I have become hardworking and determined to become the woman I envision myself to be.

Some people who have have been a coauthor in my life:
1. Jordan (my son)
2. Mother
3. Father
4. Sisters
5. Cousins
6. Antoinette
7. Dr. Bogad
8. Juan
9. Whitney
10. Kayla

First and foremost I believe that a majority of my story started at home. My mother and father have constructed an outline, a foundation, of my story beginning when I was a young child. They gave me the tools I would need not only as a little girl but eventually as an adult.

Although my parents play a big role in co-authoring my story, I think the biggest cowriter is my son, Jordan. Being a young single mother I have been through many trials and tribulations, but having him has made each one of those well worth it. I could not, and wouldn’t want to, picture my life without him. Having my son I’ve learned so much! I learned what unconditional love is, how to be selfless and care for another person, and how to be a provider. These are qualities I feel that make up who I am today. Along with these positive qualities, I have experienced great pain- the pain of raising a young boy alone in a broken home. In this experience, I have learned to be more careful in who I trust, who I invest my time in, and what qualities I would like/need in a future partner.

Luckily my story doesn't end here. There are still many more experiences to be had and people to meet! The rest remains unwritten...