Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The authors of your life...

As I read from Nakkula and Toshalis' first chapter titled The Construction of Adolescence (Nakkula and Toshalis Chapter 1), I noticed some vocabulary that I have seen before in other readings and classes, but also some that I have not. They weren’t too hard to figure out, however, because I was able to understand the meaning by the rest of the sentence/context.

Here are some of the vocabulary from the reading. Some have the word “essential” next to them because I feel as though these words and their meanings are crucial in ones development.
1. Cognitive Development (essential)
2. Theoretical Thinking (essential)
3. Lackluster
4. Elicits
5. Self-construction (essential)
6. Individual endeavors
7. Near-constant support (essential)
8. Scaffolding
9. Reciprocal transformation
10. Zone of proximal development (essential)

Reading this article gave me a new thought process of life. Everyone has a story and has someone, or people who have helped coauthor it. I learned that it’s your reactions to your experiences that add creativity and truly make your story unique!

I found this assignment challenging. Not because of the content, but how it made me think and reflect on my own life. As I sit here think about those who have come into my life and made an impact, good and bad, I then realize how much I have gone through. I see progress and growth in some areas and I see other areas where I still need some work. I have realized how much I’ve grown with each encounter. Without these experiences I wouldn’t have progressed and learned. Not only have I grown as a person, but I have become hardworking and determined to become the woman I envision myself to be.

Some people who have have been a coauthor in my life:
1. Jordan (my son)
2. Mother
3. Father
4. Sisters
5. Cousins
6. Antoinette
7. Dr. Bogad
8. Juan
9. Whitney
10. Kayla

First and foremost I believe that a majority of my story started at home. My mother and father have constructed an outline, a foundation, of my story beginning when I was a young child. They gave me the tools I would need not only as a little girl but eventually as an adult.

Although my parents play a big role in co-authoring my story, I think the biggest cowriter is my son, Jordan. Being a young single mother I have been through many trials and tribulations, but having him has made each one of those well worth it. I could not, and wouldn’t want to, picture my life without him. Having my son I’ve learned so much! I learned what unconditional love is, how to be selfless and care for another person, and how to be a provider. These are qualities I feel that make up who I am today. Along with these positive qualities, I have experienced great pain- the pain of raising a young boy alone in a broken home. In this experience, I have learned to be more careful in who I trust, who I invest my time in, and what qualities I would like/need in a future partner.

Luckily my story doesn't end here. There are still many more experiences to be had and people to meet! The rest remains unwritten...

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  1. I love the impact that your son Jordan has made on your life. It made me smile reading it. It goes to show how valuable you will be in the future as a youth worker!